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My Descriptive writing on Blue Cod

I've been working on descriptive writing. I've tried to give the reader a picture in the mind of the
Green = Intro
Blue = Look
Red = Feel
Yellow = Sounds

Have you ever heard of the peculier Cod? Well, i'm going to make it not so peculier and more
so interesting.

The blue cod is, hence the name, blue. It can vary in colours from greeny red to deep sea blue.
There are also different type of cod, such as the Red Cod, which also, hence the name, is Red.
Blue cod are a big type of fish and can put up a real fight when on the line. They are an
average size of 30 cm and can grow up to 50 cm. I have even heard my uncle say that his
friend's friend caught a cod 60 cm. That is big. They have spikes on its spine. Protecting it from
bigger creatures such as barracuda or even sharks. They are more a cylinder shape than
anything. Their head is almost to big for it's body and, when the tail is folded up, it can almost
seem like a small baseball bat. They also have diagonal white spots going down it's chest for

Cod are spiky creatures. When they feel threatened they raise up their spikes and, if not careful
can cut your line. It is not pleasant knowing there is a beautiful cod down there with a hook
through its mouth and a sinker weighing it down. Only to be eaten by bigger fish.
Cod also have incredibly sharp teeth and will bite down extremely hard when trying to remove
the hook. So move your hands!

Cod don’t really make sounds, the only sounds they do make are splashing on top of the water.
But if you have an incredible sound system, sound magnifier thingy. You could actually hear cod
swimming through the water. Cod have powerful tails and put up a real fight, when they are
eating stuff on the top of the water. They can jump spectacularly out of the water, using their
powerful tails to propel them forward.

Thank you for reading my descriptive writing. I hope you get a picture of a blue cod in your mind by
this writing.

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Happy New Year

Happy new year to all! Have fun and stay safe.Image result for Happy new year

Friday, 29 December 2017

Flanders fields

It makes me appreciate life and it is also worrying the there could be world war 3 break out at any moment because of North korea and their Missiles and my cousin is in the army and he could be one of those 18,000 men that died.

The right to vote

I believe it is unfair that women aren't allowed to vote because what if there was a party that wanted women to vote and if they won that would be the new law, and since it was just men voting, they would have voted for another party because they would have thought women would vote for the wrong parties.


Holy Trinity Cathedral, Auckland, New Zealand

It took 16 years to build and it was built in 1957 and finished in 1973.