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My brain

WALA: Our Brain and what parts control what

My Big Brain

Well first of all, the brain is pretty much split into two halves.
The right hemisphere controls the right side of the body. And the left hemisphere of the brain controls
the other. The brain is one big organ full of facts and Information. It’s full of knowledge and is the
main organ in your body.

Your brain never stops working, even when you are asleep, in fact if the outer layer of the brain was
spread out flat, it would be as big as a newspaper.

Have you ever wondered what part of your brain, controls your body movements.
Stay tuned, because you will be amazed at how wonderfully complex the brain is.

Arms and legs are one of the most important limbs in our body. The part of the brain that controls the
arms is the Primary motor Cortex. Otherwise known as M1. It is located in the frontal lobe. Along a
bump called the precentral gyrus. Without your arms and legs, you will be like a rock. The only thing
that you would be able to move would be your head but you can’t get up with that thing. Like stop what
your doing right now, pretend you have no arms or legs. See not that cool is it? You won’t be able to
move, there for you won’t be able to eat, then you will starve. That's why it is one of the most important
parts of the brain.

Nerves are attached to the Brain stem. It runs down your back and is protected by a sheath. If you feel
down your back you notice your spine ends down near your Coccyx (tailbone). There are nerves there
that split off from the main nerve system. They go down towards your legs and feet. Other nerves that go
to your arms, split off about halfway down. That’s why if your spine breaks you are probably paralyzed,
because pieces of bone will dig into your nerve system and then, in easier words, ‘cut off the power’.

The heart and lungs, couldn’t live without em’. Literally! Your heart is what pumps your blood around your
body and keeps everything healthy. Your lungs are what oxygen goes into when you breath, and carbon
dioxide goes out. That’s why when you breath in and out your chest moves out and in. The part of the
brain that controls them is located deep inside the brain stem, it is called the Medulla. The Medulla has a
direct path full of nerves to the heart and lungs, like a European state highway, it never stops, except
when you pass.

So now that you have finished, and we are up to the conclusion. Tell 5 friends some information that
you have learned from this. The brain is the main organ in your body. It is so sensitive that if someone
touched your brain, first of all you wouldn’t feel anything because your brain has no tactile sensation
nerves. Your brain would get infected because it is virtually immune to germs. You would also get a
terrible headache by rupting the pressure of cerebrospinal fluid from the touch. And something crazy, is
that your fingers would get wet!

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Welcome back to Term 3

Welcome back to term 3 I have made a slideshow about what i have done this holiday.

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My Descriptive writing on Blue Cod

I've been working on descriptive writing. I've tried to give the reader a picture in the mind of the
Green = Intro
Blue = Look
Red = Feel
Yellow = Sounds

Have you ever heard of the peculier Cod? Well, i'm going to make it not so peculier and more
so interesting.

The blue cod is, hence the name, blue. It can vary in colours from greeny red to deep sea blue.
There are also different type of cod, such as the Red Cod, which also, hence the name, is Red.
Blue cod are a big type of fish and can put up a real fight when on the line. They are an
average size of 30 cm and can grow up to 50 cm. I have even heard my uncle say that his
friend's friend caught a cod 60 cm. That is big. They have spikes on its spine. Protecting it from
bigger creatures such as barracuda or even sharks. They are more a cylinder shape than
anything. Their head is almost to big for it's body and, when the tail is folded up, it can almost
seem like a small baseball bat. They also have diagonal white spots going down it's chest for

Cod are spiky creatures. When they feel threatened they raise up their spikes and, if not careful
can cut your line. It is not pleasant knowing there is a beautiful cod down there with a hook
through its mouth and a sinker weighing it down. Only to be eaten by bigger fish.
Cod also have incredibly sharp teeth and will bite down extremely hard when trying to remove
the hook. So move your hands!

Cod don’t really make sounds, the only sounds they do make are splashing on top of the water.
But if you have an incredible sound system, sound magnifier thingy. You could actually hear cod
swimming through the water. Cod have powerful tails and put up a real fight, when they are
eating stuff on the top of the water. They can jump spectacularly out of the water, using their
powerful tails to propel them forward.

Thank you for reading my descriptive writing. I hope you get a picture of a blue cod in your mind by
this writing.

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